Brief History of Adelphi Bible Baptist Church

The Adelphi Bible Church began as a Bible study and prayer meeting in a private home in 1958.  The area had no church at that time.

In January of 1959, Sunday School was held in the Adelphi Mill, which was a community building.  The first week there were 12 people there.  By the Spring of 1959, the congregation bought a parsonage and began to look for land for a building.

By the Fall of 1959, land was purchased at the present location and the job of clearing began.  The construction of the original building did not begin until the Spring of 1961.

Due to the small number working and the lack of funds, the original building was not complete until October 1962.  Members of the congregation and interested friends did most of the work.

By 1967, the work had grown so that space was a problem and it became evident that growth would be hindered unless more space was provided.

By January 1968, the congregation voted to move ahead with expansion for both Sunday School and for Worship.  Space was also needed for offices.

The actual work began the end of July 1968.  Praise the Lord for faithful men whom the Lord has sent us to accomplish this work.  Our own men were heavily involved with the work along with other helpers the Lord sent in.  The work was virtually complete by January 1969.

(Taken from Service of Dedication, May 18, 1969)


Adelphi Bible Church was without a pastor for over 18 months.  With a unanimous vote on December 3, 1996; Rev. James L. Lyons was elected to pastor the church. Under Pastor Lyons' leadership, this ministry has been blessed.  The church has implemented a transportation ministry (Highway) with the purchase of a new van: a drug abuse ministry (GOLIATH - Giving Others Love In Areas That Hurt); Stand in the Gap (an Intercessory Prayer ministry).  A new lighted church sign has been added.  The appearance of the sanctuary has been enhanced with new church drapery, new carpeting, ceiling fans; a new security system, new audio system and a chairlift.  A ramp has also been added. A bathroom has bee added to the pastor's office.  In addition to that, the church parsonage has been remodeled.

In December 2001, the members of the church voted unanimously to amend the name of the church. The name of the church was officially changed to Adelphi Bible Baptist Church in March 2002.  PRAISE GOD FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE!

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